2020 – Surface Space, Gallery ‘73, Belgrade

Surface space

The name of this exhibition deals with the theme of space which I have been exploring since my master studies, bring it into correlation with reflective surfaces like mirrors and water surface. It is about the relationship between the space of the sculpture itself, gallery and the visitor, as well as about their reciprocal influence.

In this case I have compressed the space and made it flat and it remains on the surfaces which have the impact on each other and in that way, they create the composition which has been transformed from the free sculpture into the relief.

The relieves have been conceived like collages made of metal. I bend the metal parts into triangles and in that way, I make the frame of the work itself, and the inside I fill in with cut surfaces which I fit and make the composition. The shapes on the relieves are geometrical, with sharp angles and I make the compositions on the spot, without pre-prepared sketches. Later on, I make some interventions on them by giving them patina and color.

To get the coloring, I use different kinds of sandpapers, grinding and certain surfaces I treat with acids. The coloring is reduced to the colors of metal, grey shades, rust and black color. By the reduced coloring I give advantage to the metal as a material which keeps its autonomy and dominates as such.

Apart from these works in metal, 8 digital works have also been displayed. These are the animations which visually and thematically correspond to the works in metal. Reconsideration of the space itself has now been transferred into the virtual space. Geometrical shapes which appear in it affect one another, they move, tremble, play within the square in which they are. Each square has its story, and at the same time they communicate with each other as a whole. You can see that communication if you pay attention to their names which are important and inseparable part of each work.

The works were mostly created during the turbulent periods in my life, with a lot of overlapping of business, emotional as well as family and love turmoil. That means that behind the cold surface of the metal bounded by geometrical shapes, there are a lot of emotions woven in them.

To the observer I leave to create the stories which lie behind the relationship of the works and their names.