The video was done as a polisystem of video and stopmotion and it is a mixture of overlapping of the sun and the sky in the mirrors and the landscape of Deliblato sandstone. Apart from the frequent changes of the position of the mirrors,the clouds in the background and occasional flashes of the sun rays toward the objective give the kinetics to the video. The primar thing in this work is questioning appearing and disappearing of endless open space, with little interventions by changing the angle of the mirror. The infinity of the space which belongs to the blue sky, in the next moment is integrated into the thick grass of sandstone.

160 years ago, Deliblato sandstone was a real desert. With live sand on the 300 square kilometers. Its afforestation began at the beginning of the 19th century. It is assumed that the sandstone was made from the material which the Danube deposited by entering the Djerdap gorge and from the certain rivers coming from Romania. The sandstone seems endless in the first place,it lets the view to go in the indefinite. It offers clear landscape far away from the urban and populated spaces.